Most frequent questions and answers

A national organization system is a software distribution
organization. It works to create many different types of software
and provide it to the customer and also works to create software,
websites and apps to run according.

This company will use according to your organization. There
are software days and the work done in your organization can be
done through online, there are facilities to help

The national organization system will provide the website and
app to the customers according to the organization.

The national organization system works to notify the customer
or organization of the work done by your organization’s software
through email or SMS and will inform

The National Organization System Company will provide
online option to each institution for payment. When customers
pay through the national organization system software, the
director comes to the organization’s bank account.

Data, documents, payments, profiles and any such user and
password are kept confidential in your organization. And in any
system, if a customer or a person of an organization violates it, it
will be caught in two or three minutes and if any such problem
occurs to the principal of the organization, he should
immediately report such problems to the company’s email or call
the company’s phone and inform the national organization
system and such problems will be fixed by our company in two
or three minutes. and informs the organization

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